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Meet Barbara Evripidou

When I first walked into a newsroom at The Portsmouth News (in the very early 90’s, shhh!) and deeper into the depths of the photography darkroom, I found myself surrounded by a new breed of people I’d not met before – press photographers. It felt like I’d arrived home.

Since then I’ve freelanced, put myself through the NCTJ Press Photography course, getting my first ever Distinction, worked with four top regional newspapers, freelanced again and had my photos published all over the world. 

How would you like a great photo experience with winning results? 

I’m now proud to call Airbus, Bristol Zoo, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal & Triodos Bank, amongst my clients. Feel free to look at my portfolio and see for yourself.

(Come on, I know how much you love having your photo taken!)

We’ll work together to capture the right tone, fulfilling your brief and giving you creative photographs that tell your story.

My camera’s ready when you are!

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Photographing the end of the war, twice

Being a press photographer has taken me around the world, photographing the best and worst of times. From regional news and royalty to the end of the Bosnian war.

These experiences have taught me patience, to wait for the right shots to come, when to react quickly and when to fade into the background so people don’t feel self-conscious.

Enjoying the process

I love working with my clients to achieve aesthetically pleasing photographs that suit their purpose, whether it’s for their website, their profile or for a publication.

Showing the people behind your company or your brand in a confident, positive way makes you shine through. Let your customers know they’re in good hands.

Want to find out more about what Barbara does?

Photographer Barbara Evripidou and author Martin Booth pull back the curtain to reveal dozens of fascinating and eccentric destinations in Bristol.

111 Places in Bristol That You Shouldn’t Miss heads off the beaten track to a bridge to nowhere, leads your eyes downwards to a pavement plaque no bigger than a pencil remembering times past, draws your eyes upwards to a pair of mythical unicorns, and takes you away from the crowds to find a giant wicker nose, a pub populated by cats and a shell-lined secret grotto.

Explore by rail on a small suburban branch line or even from a ferry designed by the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, James Dyson, while he was still a student – a modern-day Brunel.
“No matter whether you have lived here all of your life, are a frequent visitor or a first-time visitor, these are 111 things you might not have realised even existed,” said Martin. “This is an exploration of unknown Bristol from the Ice Age to the present day.”

To all lovers of Bristol, 111 Places In Bristol That You Shouldn’t Miss is available from all good bookshops and online retailers.

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